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Learn how a small change in my behavior made it my ex’s IDEA to GET BACK TOGETHER and make it “OFFICIAL”

Hey it’s Payam. In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you a POWERFUL psychological loophole in the mind that can help you get your ex MORE attracted to you than ever before

Let me start off by stating that if you are looking for a quick fix and don’t want to put the effort to get your ex back by improving yourself, then this is not for you. There’s no single text that you can send that will magically fix your relationship or make your ex want you like they did before.

That’s not how love works.

If you are looking for a GUARANTEE that you will get your ex back, then I’m not the right coach for you. Feel free to close this window. No hard feelings.

Look, love is complicated. I don’t have all the answers, I can’t predict the future, and I can’t make that kind of guarantee. Frankly, no one can. I’m just a regular guy that had some success in this area in the past.

Cool? Cool.

What I’m offering is the chance to better yourself, by putting YOU back on top of your priorities again. By being honest.

The funny thing is, getting your ex back is just a byproduct of this transformation, because really, the biggest tip to getting your ex back is this: self-improvement.

When you take the time to improve yourself, you become non-needy and attractive. You are busy with YOUR life and not as available. This is what makes someone desirable, remember?

Alright, now that we covered that…

Let me ask you this. Do any of these thoughts ring a bell?

  • “Is my ex over me?”
  • “I don’t want to LOSE them.”
  • “This has been the LONGEST week of my life.”
  • “Will they end up with someone else?”
  • “They don’t WANT me.”
  • “ I’m scared they will forget about me and move on.”
  • “All my efforts will be for nothing. I’ll never hear back from them. It’s all been a waste.”

If so, then you have come to the right place. I know EXACTLY what it’s like to be you and stand in your shoes.

Why do so many people feel this way, even if they are willing to change and fix the problems?

Because they are going about it the wrong way.

They know their ex better than anyone, but they try to convince them to give them another chance. They tell them how much they miss them. Send them letters. Even change who they are!

This is all a HUGE mistake.

Getting your ex back will require us to take a different approach, which will be both new and rewarding.

Imagine 3 weeks from now:

  • You feel confident and relaxed deep in your bones because you know exactly what you need to DO, what to SAY, and how to ACT.
  • Seeing them and afterwards you see your phone flash with a text message: “Tonight was amazing. Can’t wait to see you again tomorrow. I love you.”
  • Getting rid of that shitty feeling. Never again having to worry about losing them or if you have changed in their eyes. You are on your way to getting back the life you shared. Becoming the best version of yourself and not letting the past get to you.

Now rewind to today:

Why do we feel as if our life just stops when the person we loved, our best friend, is no longer there?

We can’t seem to get our life back, even though we live in one of the most privileged times in history.

There’s other people. Other connections you could have. But, we just want the one we had and it seems we are the only one feeling pain.

And to make things worse, every damn song on the radio seems to be a love song. Ugh, I hated this.

We try to talk to them, yet we feel as if the love we had with them wasn’t even real. Deep down we know that they are the one’s we are supposed to marry, but we don’t know what to do.

How it became my ex’s idea to get back together and make it official:

Napkins were all over the floor. The house was ultra quiet. I was alone. I was heartbroken.

It was 2011 and my ex just got done telling me that she was attracted to another man and it KILLED me that she moved on.

I wanted my ex so bad, but I made every mistake in the book and MORE!

I was miserable for months and it felt like nothing mattered. I lost my appetite and my ability to concentrate diminished.

This is me.

You can’t tell, but I lost a lot of weight.

The girl that I loved was gone. The person I talked to everyday was…


It was a sort of a surreal feeling. It kinda felt like half of me just disappeared.

I was lost. I was confused. I wanted to text her so bad and see how she’s doing, but I knew I shouldn’t.

When I decided I wanted her back, it was too late. See, no matter how many times I called, texted, or tried to convince her to be with me, it didn’t matter.

And the realization was kicking in that I couldn’t control her emotions. At this point, I would have done anything to get her back.

I was afraid I would lose her forever. What also sucked was that everything I looked at reminded me of her.

I thought she was the only one for me.

The interesting realization for me was that although she was to blame for I how felt, she wasn’t responsible for how I felt.

I could have just lingered in limbo forever, but that would mean letting another person dictate my happiness. One of the important rules I preach never to do.

At some point after enough tears and sadness, I made a promise to myself to never have this feeling again.

It was my responsibility to get out of this and be happy. Not let it be determined by her or our relationship. If I was fine before we dated it only made sense that I would be fine after.

When I took this approach, a few things happened:

First, I spent months studying human behavior, psychology, relationships, etc. I was so curious about how one other human can have so much control over the way we live our lives and how we feel.

Second, I focused on me. I went back and did everything that I used to do before I got in a relationship. Working out, hanging out with friends, etc.

That’s me on the right.

Third, a few months after reality kicked in, something funny happened. I noticed everything that was wrong about our relationship. I even started to notice all her flaws and they were crystal clear.

And then…something happened.

I heard from her.

We chatted. Made small talk and eventually set up a time & place to meet. Remember, I had not seen her for MONTHS!

When it came time to meet, I put everything I learned into action. It’s as if I was playing chess, but had extra pieces.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

I made a reservation at one of our favorite restaurants we used to go to together.

Walked in with an extra swing to my step, crisp freshly bright-white ironed shirt, brand new jeans.

I was right on time, felt confident, and planned the night to perfection.

After we said hello to each and exchanged a few words, the waitress called us over, “We have your table ready sir.”

She led us upstairs to the second level, sat us down, I thanked her, smiled, and she walked away. I let my ex sit down first, then I sat, leaned back on the wooden midnight blue chair. Crossed my right leg over my left.

Then…we talked.

I was COOL as a cucumber.

I let her do most of the talking and we didn’t talk about “us” or the relationship at all. Everything was positive and the conversation flowed the water.

Nothing but pure joy, laughter, and clicking on all cylinders. The night went on like this.

As we were nearing the end of our meals, I lifted my left arm, twisted my wrist towards my face, and glanced at my watch.

SHE SAW this, but didn’t say anything.

I SAW that she saw this, but didn’t say anything. The room was dead silent.

Another few seconds went by and then I said it.

“It’s getting late, I should get going soon.”

She knew right then and there, something was different.

That statement was the psychological loophole. Leaving when the moment is going perfect is irresistible to the mind. The last memory is a good one and naturally you want more of it. More on this in the course.

Back to the story…

The old Payam would have hung out every minute of every day, now all of a sudden, he’s leaving early? Who is this guy? (Yes, I’m referring to myself as the 3rd person. Fucks given? None.)

She asked why I was leaving early and what happened to me.

My standoffish & pleasant attitude continued. That night was a success. We ended up rekindling and I mentioned nothing about seeing her again.

We ended up spending a lot of time again together, but there was one drastic difference. I put myself above her. My feelings. My life. Living this way is what makes you an attractive person.

I also never brought the idea of us getting back together. I wanted her to WANT it.

So much so, that it became her idea to get back together again and make it “official”.

This was credited to my game plan, which really was valuing myself more than ever. Self-improvement, remember?

To be honest, a part of me wasn’t even sure if I wanted her back anymore. I know, I know. Sounds unthinkable, right? I completely changed.

Back then, life was unbearable. But you know something? My ex moving on, might have been one of the most painful experiences I’d ever endured, but it was also the most important and influential experiences of my life and I hope you use this moment right now to view it the same.

Use it as motivation to change. To learn. To become a better human being.

I credit a lot of my own personal growth to that specific period in time. I’ve learned more about myself and that experience than I did in college. It sparked my interest to create something that would move people and help others so they can avoid making the same mistakes I did.

Most people that never go through a breakup have no idea how to handle it. That’s why I decided to teach you how to get your ex back.

But with an authentic approach.


Get Your Ex Back Blueprint

It’s packed with 8 lessons AND 76 minutes worth of content that you can use to review at any time. None of this is available online or anywhere else, only right here.

Full word for word scripts that have been proven and tested, from a relationship coach who has spent thousands of hours working 1-on-1 helping people get the relationship they want.

I’ll show you:

  • What to do if your ex is seeing someone NEW
  • What to text them with word-for-word scripts you can EASILY copy and paste
  • What to do if they don’t contact you at ALL
  • The scientific POWERFUL steps to attract your ex back into your life again
  • And lastly, the mistakes you just CAN’T MAKE if you want them back


As a very special one-time bonus, once you upgrade I’ll grant you one coaching email to ask me ANY specific question about your relationship — COMPLETELY FREE.

When I was going through my break up, it helped me A TON to be able to reach out to someone in need when I was unsure of how to reply to a text or what to say in a specific situation. Hearing another perspective during these sensitive times was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER.

Sure…I put a lot of time on my own to learn this stuff. But some of my biggest improvements also came from learning from those that had gone through this experience. It also was a very safe feeling to know that I could reach out to someone and that I was protected.

That means if something happens on the weekend, guess what? You know you can pick up the phone from the convenience of wherever you are in the world, send me an email and hear back from me within days.

In other words. I’m there when it matters most.

Think about that. You get access to FREE 1 on 1 advice about YOUR relationship. Not generic advice online or taking polls on reddit.

How many coaches actually let you contact them? That’s a $495 value just for my time alone. But you get it FOR FREE just for TRYING this course.


I’m throwing in my texting e-book: Get Your Ex Back: 5 texts you should never, EVER sendcompletely free

Do you ever send a text and completely regret it?

  • Discover the top 5 texting MISTAKES 99% of people make
  • Clear cut examples that you can easily just copy and paste

You get that instantly.

Here’s an overview of what you will learn in the course:

Lesson 1:

Can I still get them back?
Why you still have a chance (even if they are talking to someone new)

Lesson 2:

Natural Pain Relievers
Get your life back & stop feeling lost in less than a week

Lesson 3:

Social Media Jedi
The big mistake you could be making online

Lesson 4:

Makeover Magic
Look forward to the weekend again and get your life back

Lesson 5:

Planting the Seed
Get your ex to respond even if they don’t initiate contact

Lesson 6:

Control the Relationship by Not Caring
Why less is more

Lesson 7:

The Date
You’ve done the hard part: here’s what to do when you see them for the first time

Lesson 8:

After the Date
How to never be in this position again

I’ve read all the books, studied all the material, and am providing this shortcut video course for you FREE.

Here’s what students have said:

The information is great and there’s a lot of science behind it.

He tells you some pretty straight forward tips in the beginning that makes you think. Also this program is more about you then your ex. I’m not all the way finished with the program but so far I feel better about myself and chances of putting the ball back in my court.



Finally a non manipulative course that is there for you whenever you need. It gets you through the agony, and puts you in the driver’s seat for once – in a way that is right for you. Very grateful. Get it!


This by far was one of the most life changing experiences ever for me.

I gained some amazing tools that I will use for the rest of my life!!!!!!!! Payam is so dedicated in helping you step by step with your relationship. He is so extremely knowledgeable about how the relationship responds to our actions. Payam coaches you specifically to your unique situation while explaining to you the physiology behind it. It was so crazy to watch everything unfold just how Payam thought. He always responded very quickly to my questions and always checked in with me to make sure I was ok emotionally. He always went above and beyond with his time with me. When I was struggling he would remind me about the process and how to trust it. He also guided me thru some different exercises to help me emotionally which were very helpful. Payam is very straight to point but is always very caring. I strongly recommend this program as it was a privilege to have Payam in my life during this time.



I was impressed with the overall experience and professionalism. I appreciated the advice given and the action plan provided.


Technically the course is flawless

FULL DISCLOSURE – I didn’t get my ex back – I actually ended up with her younger, hotter and WAY less maintenance sister.

BUT it was working great and it was the changes and realisations in me that made the previously aloof sister interested in me. And there is nothing like the sister being interested to peak your Ex GF’s interest. I chose the more human of the two – the one that hadn’t already dumped me. LoL

Technically the course is flawless and what there is is explained in a simple easy to understand way. I’m not dumb but when I started my head was not in a good place so that was a plus.

Summary – it’s less than the cost of the meal your going to buy on the first date back with her so stick your hand in your pocket and buy it – it might not lead where you think it will but it will deffo lead you to a better place than the one your in now!! 5*’s.


Responsive, Positive, and Real

My headline says it all. Payam’s response to emails are quick and straight to the point. They leave you with hope and feeling as if anything is possible – if you follow his advice. The money is well worth it. Even if your situation doesn’t work out, there’s valuable life lessons to be learned here that you will think about years down the road.


And through this course you might get results like this:

“I can’t stop thinking about you. Can we meet up tonight?”

Imagine how that would feel to get that text from your ex?

Here’s what some of the biggest dating coaches on earth have said:

“When I spoke with Payam, I realized right away that he knows his stuff. He’s down to earth, provides straightforward advice, and is easy to talk to.”

- Tripp, founder, Tripp Advice (481,071 YouTube subscribers)

“Payam is a wonderful person to speak with and I can tell he has a strong drive to help others and achieve success.  He’s a good person and in this day and age of online, that is saying a LOT!”

- Marni Kinrys, dating coach and creator, Wing Girl Method (206,532 YouTube subscribers)

“We can all relate to the devastation of having a relationship end—especially when it’s not on your terms. Payam has hit a nerve here. I’d venture to say that he may be onto more than just romantic rekindling. If we can master the art of regaining lost attention and interest, it can serve you just about anywhere.”

- Terri Trespicio, relationship coach, brand expert and co-creator, LightsCameraExpert

How it works:

After processing, you will get instant access to the 8 videos, free text guide, and a free email coaching session.

All of which can be accessed once you purchase at the bottom of this page. If you experience any difficulties whatsoever, please email me at

The risk-free, 30 day money back guarantee:

I want to make it a no-brainer for you to check out this course for yourself and try my service, so this is the easiest, most risk-free guarantee possible:

If there’s anything at all about the course and service that you are unhappy about I will do my best to fix it, replace it, or refund your money. If you aren’t satisfied, just let me know. It’s that simple. I just ask that you please go through the videos, e-book, and get your FREE coaching email to get the full experience.

Look, in life there are definitive moments. This is one of them. Every decision you make from here on out is massively important and can PERMANENTLY damage your chances if it’s the wrong decision.

Do you want to wake up tomorrow, look at your phone, and see that your ex hasn’t texted back? Do you want to have to lose another night’s sleep because you are wondering if your ex loves someone else? Or if they are sleeping with someone? Do you want to keep wondering if they really miss you?

No. You want to control your own destiny. Your own future.

So 3 weeks from now when you are wondering what to say or how to look. Or whether or not they still like you. Remember that they already USED to like you.

Which means they said YES before, when they could have said no. This means that the hardest part of your job is already behind you.

Your new job is to make sure from here on out you don’t mess it up. I can help you do that.

Or you could do nothing, but the question is how much longer do you want to feel like an organ was RIPPED from your body and you are unsure of what to do?

One chance. That's all you get.

Just one shot to make the difference between happily ever after and someone you may never see again.

I want you to join.

I want you to be under my protection.

I want you to know that I fully guarantee this product.

Click buy and get access to the the 8 lesson video course, the texting e-book, and the 1 on 1 exclusive advice I don’t offer anywhere else.




One time payment of $99.99 USD  $119.99


How does this work?

Once you sign up, you will get access to all the video content, the downloadable texting e-book, and a google form that allows you to send me one email to get my opinion about your situation.

How do I know you will respond?

Read my reviews. Why would I put all of this together and not respond?

Can you guarantee your method will work?

No. I make no guarantees because that’s not possible and if that’s what you need I strongly suggest you don’t sign up. I’m not the right coach for you.

Is this a one time fee?


Skeptical at first

I started out being skeptical with the content of the reading part of the app. I emailed Payam and he responded quickly and encouraged me to use the videos and email coaching. My reaction became much more positive! The videos have great content and the email coaching is awesome. Payam responds quickly and takes it seriously. He has really helped me in an incredibly difficult time!



This course is very insightful. A lot better than the stupid articles I kept finding online. You can even reach out to him for personal advice. I chose to do that and it worked perfectly.



One time payment of $99.99 USD $119.99

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