An awesome way to keep in touch with people

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Every now and then our mental to-do list gets longer than 17 burritos put together.

But staying in touch with people that matter to you is important. You may have heard of the phrase, “Your network is your net worth.”

In other words: your relationships are king.

Staying in touch though isn’t easy. Especially when our attention is consumed by Instagram, Myspace (jk), Snapchat, and Facebook.

Here’s an easy and super simple trick I learned to maintain my relationships.

Every week in my calendar I have an event scheduled for 30 minutes titled, “Catch up ritual.”

For those 30 minutes, I reach out to friends, old co-workers, mentors, my family, etc. Anyone that I want to keep in contact with, I do it then.

You could…

…send them a funny article or ask how they are doing

…ask them if they have any travel plans

…have any new crazy new year resolution ideas

…talk about your own life and get their perspective

The point is that you are – maintaining – your relationships. If you don’t, then they become a faded memory. A Facebook friend you haven’t talked to in a decade.

Another beautiful thing about this trick is that when you create the event in your calendar, the WEIGHT of having to remember to stay in touch with people disappears. It’s there. It’s systemized.

Now all you need to do is apply it when you get the alert.

I hope this helps.

What ways have you used to keep in touch with people? Let me know in the comments.