You can travel anywhere on earth if you learn to cook

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One of the top regrets of the dying is that they wished they traveled more often.

So why don’t people do it?

The number one excuse: it’s expensive.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. By the time you reach the end of this article I’ll show you exactly how you can travel anywhere on the planet, by learning one simple skill.

The art of cooking.

Let’s start by playing with some basic math. Now, I will use the corporate 9-5 adult as an example.

  • The average person spends $15 a day on eating out
  • That’s $450 a month
  • Let’s add in an expensive dinner at $50 once a month with friends. You gotta live right?
  • Now we are at a total of $500/month on food

If you decided to buy all the groceries at home and do it yourself, you could do it for roughly $250/month. (I actually believe it could be lower than this, but I want to keep the numbers simple.)

Eating out ($500) – cooking at home ($250) = $250 saved.

In 5 months, you would have saved $1250 and can travel ANYWHERE ON EARTH. A roundtrip ticket to any country, tropical beach, or wonder of the world.

Don’t believe me?

Check out KAYAK’s nifty tool that lets you play with your imagination.

Traveling is much more than just a vacation. It’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself and meet others with a different perspective — this is what really matters.

This in turn helps you with your social skills, helps you become more well-rounded, and also helps with approaching situations with an open mind. To see life from the lens of another human being.

Here are the other top excuses I hear why people can’t travel:

Other excuse: “Payam, I can’t get the days off work.”
My response: “Then why are you working there helping someone else with their dream? If you are hesitant to ask your boss for time off then read this.”

Other excuse: “I’m just not that into it.”
My response: “If you never traveled, how would you know that?”

Other excuse: “I mean, is it really that helpful?”
My response: “Yes. You are stuck in your bubble of comfort. You need to get out and traveling can help you do it faster.”

The reality is, this in your hands. If your friends are downers and they tell you, “Well that’s just how life is, I have to work.” Nonsense. Stop hanging out with them and run.

YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. You just have to want it bad enough and the biggest ROI is by just learning how to cook.

The best thing about this is that you will use this skill forever. Every guy and girl on this planet wants someone who knows their way around the kitchen.

Imagine three months from now: you are eating healthier, saving money, becoming more attractive, and can travel anywhere on the planet.

Tell me you don’t want that?

What are your thoughts on traveling? Let me know in the comments.