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The information is great and there’s a lot of science behind it.

He tells you some pretty straight forward tips in the beginning that makes you think. Also this program is more about you then your ex. I’m not all the way finished with the program but so far I feel better about myself and chances of putting the ball back in my court.



Finally a non manipulative course that is there for you whenever you need. It gets you through the agony, and puts you in the driver’s seat for once – in a way that is right for you. Very grateful. Get it!


This by far was one of the most life changing experiences ever for me.

I gained some amazing tools that I will use for the rest of my life!!!!!!!! Payam is so dedicated in helping you step by step with your relationship. He is so extremely knowledgeable about how the relationship responds to our actions. Payam coaches you specifically to your unique situation while explaining to you the physiology behind it. It was so crazy to watch everything unfold just how Payam thought. He always responded very quickly to my questions and always checked in with me to make sure I was ok emotionally. He always went above and beyond with his time with me. When I was struggling he would remind me about the process and how to trust it. He also guided me thru some different exercises to help me emotionally which were very helpful. Payam is very straight to point but is always very caring. I strongly recommend this program as it was a privilege to have Payam in my life during this time.



I was impressed with the overall experience and professionalism. I appreciated the advice given and the action plan provided.


Technically the course is flawless

FULL DISCLOSURE – I didn’t get my ex back – I actually ended up with her younger, hotter and WAY less maintenance sister.

BUT it was working great and it was the changes and realisations in me that made the previously aloof sister interested in me. And there is nothing like the sister being interested to peak your Ex GF’s interest. I chose the more human of the two – the one that hadn’t already dumped me. LoL

Technically the course is flawless and what there is is explained in a simple easy to understand way. I’m not dumb but when I started my head was not in a good place so that was a plus.

Summary – it’s less than the cost of the meal your going to buy on the first date back with her so stick your hand in your pocket and buy it – it might not lead where you think it will but it will deffo lead you to a better place than the one your in now!! 5*’s.


Responsive, Positive, and Real

My headline says it all. Payam’s response to emails are quick and straight to the point. They leave you with hope and feeling as if anything is possible – if you follow his advice. The money is well worth it. Even if your situation doesn’t work out, there’s valuable life lessons to be learned here that you will think about years down the road.


Skeptical at first

I started out being skeptical with the content of the reading part of the app. I emailed Payam and he responded quickly and encouraged me to use the videos and email coaching. My reaction became much more positive! The videos have great content and the email coaching is awesome. Payam responds quickly and takes it seriously. He has really helped me in an incredibly difficult time!



This course is very insightful. A lot better than the stupid articles I kept finding online. You can even reach out to him for personal advice. I chose to do that and it worked perfectly.