Why you should care about people

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After working in 10+ industries over the course of my life there is one common denominator I noticed: your relationships matter.

The importance of relationships aside from living a healthy mental lifestyle and being in touch with people, is so you have more connections.

“Connections? Huh why do I need that?”

Connections is just a word people say that means someone you can call upon when you need them. Maybe a job referral, a helping hand, someone to introduce you to that pretty girl/handsome man, etc.

For crying out loud an ENTIRE social media website built upon this very premise. Ever hear of LinkedIn?

Their slogan: “Relationships Matter.”

How about Facebook?

Their slogan: “Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook.”

Now when you reach out to one of these connections, that person doesn’t want to feel used. You can instantly destroy that feeling by maintaining the relationship.

See… if you don’t talk to someone in 10 years, then ask them for a favor, they will likely ignore you. I would and I’m just being honest. Why? Because you are using me, only when you needed me.

This is why relationships = $.

Therefore not maintaining them is like burning your own money. Would you burn your own money? Of course not.

Here’s some actionable steps to make sure you maintain your relationships:

  • Add it to your calendar. Once a week to follow up with people/friends/coworkers/etc. If it’s not on your calendar it doesn’t exist.
  • Don’t wait for others to initiate. My way or the highway is the l o n e l y way.
  • Stop eating alone at work. Even if you find it socially exhausting, go up to someone, and ask to sit down. Start a conversation.

What are your thoughts on professional relationships? Comment and let me know.